Human Rogue Played by Tim V

Cynfael is a human rogue, he was part of an ill fated mercenary group (along with the dragon born Kesek) that met an bloody demise. Only he and Kesek made it out alive and travelled to the vale to recover from their wounds. Cynfael is not a gregarious person and wasn't well known to the other members of the mercenary group including Kesek.

He has a short compact frame and carries himself like a coiled spring. He has charcoal black hair and a thick beard and green eyes, and is intense, brooding, quiet and intimidating. He stares out from behind his beard, with a sardonic gleam in his eyes daring others to challenge him.

He has a dark blue tattoo of a large kraken on his left shoulder and arm. He also has old scars that crisscross his shoulders and back.

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