Green Leaf - Elf Ranger


Green Leaf knows that the longbow he carved from the heart of a yew tree is a tool that Melora uses to carry on the cycle of life. Whenever Greenleaf pulls back his bow string, death, transformation to the spirit world, and rebirth are not far away.

There are some Elven tribes in the woods near Boswin that have little contact with the other “two-foot tribes” of Elves, Dwarves, and Humans in the Verdant Vale. Green Leaf’s people keep to themselves and concentrate mostly on survival in the lush, and sometimes dangerous woods they call home. Gathering food, hunting, protection, and celebrating nature spirits and Melora are this tribe’s only concerns. This tribe uses no written language or numbers beyond “one, two, and many”. Green Leaf left his tribe and home because Melora blessed him with a wandering spirit.

Green Leaf’s personality is much like his bow. Tight, ready, on-guard, and watchful when moving cautiously through dangerous areas, but once sprung into battle, he moves with a frenzy and almost mindless abandon. At rest, he is warm, friendly, and has an "odd" sense of humor. The root he chews that helps him have visions of Melora stains his teeth orange.

Game Stats

Character Name: Green Leaf Player Name: Lee

Race: Elf Class: Ranger Level: 3 Total XP: ????

Size: Medium Age: 25 Sex: Male Height: 5' 7" Weight: 150 lbs.

Alignment: Unaligned Deity: Melora

Languages: Common, Elven

Game Stats

Str - 14 Con - 13 Dex - 18 Int - 10 Wis - 16 Cha - 8

AC - 17 Fort - 14 Ref - 16 Will - 14

Intitiatiive - +5

Hit Points - 35

Acrobatics 10, Arcana 1, Athletics 3, Bluff 0, Diplomacy
Dungeoneering 9, Endurance 2, Heal 9, History 1
Insight 4, Intimidate 0, Nature 6, Perception 11
Relligion 1, Stealth 10, Streetwise 0, Thievery 5

At-will Powers - Nimble Strike- Twin Strike

Encounter Powers - Elven Accuracy- Evasive Strike- Thundertusk Boar Strike

Daily Powers - Hunter's Bear Trap Hit: 2d10+4 (ranged attack) and target is slowed and takes ongoing 5 damage (save ends both) Miss: Half damage, no ongoing damage, target is slowed until end of next turn

Utility Powers - Yield Ground - Immediate reaction, personal, when Green Leaf is damage with melee attack he can shift 3 squares (Wisdom mod). He also gains +2 power bonus to all defenses until end of his next turn.

Feats - Defensive Mobility - Elven Precision - Lethal Hunter

Weapons - Thunderburst Longbow+1, scimitar, sickle

Armor - Leather

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