Hariah - Half-Elf Paladin Level 3

Str - 16 (+4) AC 20
Con - 12 (+2) Fort 15
Dex - 13 (+2) Ref 15
Int - 8 (+0) Will 15
Wis - 14 (+3) HP 44 [Bld] 22
Cha - 16 (+4)

Initiative 2 Speed 6
Healing Surge 11 Surges.Day 11

Acrobatics 0
Arcana 0
Athletics 1
Bluff 4
Diplomacy 6
Dungeoneering 3
Endurance 5
Heal 8
History 0
Insight 10
Intimidate 4
Nature 3
Perception 3
Religion 5
Stealth 0
Streetwise 4
Thievery 0

Passive Perception 13
Passive Insight 20

Longsword +3 [3] 1D8+3

Armor of Bahamut [feat(enc)]
Group Diplomacy
Dual Heritage
Channel Divinity

At-will Powers
- Eyebite
- Lay on Hands
- Bolstering Strike
- Holy Strike

Encounter Powers
- Divine Challenge
- Radiant Smite
- Invigorating Smite

Daily Power
- Paladin's Judgment
- Sacred Circle

Hariah hales originally from the northern forests of Boswin, but was removed from his natural surroundings at the age of two, when his elven father was slain by an axe-wielding drunken dwarf upset over milk spilled on his red beard by Hariah's mother. She fled to Boswin, as she was human, and feared the dwarf would hunt her down over the spilled milk. A human family helped raise Hariah, though in recent years, he has been able to reconnect with some elven relatives from the north, almost by accident through travels.

Hariah is a devoted worshiper of Bahamut, having an odd fascination with dragons from an early age. Hariah is handy with the sword & shield, as well as being well liked by most around him, being a smooth diplomat in times of need. Hariah hopes to be a skilled dragon-rider one day, even though he is well aware he is not there yet.

Hariah trains daily with the sword and shield to better his skills. He can be frequently found around Marali's shop, as he fancies more than just her items.

Hariah hopes that one day someone will share his fascination in dragons. Although he finds his uncle Greenleaf very strange and he hopes one day maybe, just maybe he can share in his uncles root chewing to help them "bond". (And maybe even learn a little about his parents.)

Hariah has just turned 18 and is now of marrying age. He hopes to find a fair maiden, since Marali every day becomes more and more suspicious of Hariah.
At his 18 birthday, he hopes his friends, (and especially his uncle, Greenleaf) remember his 18 birthday.

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