Inns & Taverns

The Electrum Piece

A popular destination for wandering adventurers, this inn caters to those who choose to brave the ancient barrows hidden deep in the forest, as well as the forgotten caves poking into the chalk canyon walls. The atmosphere is rowdy and it's not the best place to get a good night's sleep.

The Grand House

An inn and tavern which purports to be the upscale counterpart to The Electrum Piece, though it is perhaps not quite as grand as its name implies.

The Headless Orc

Located in Hammersmith Row, this dwarven establishment is the most boisterous taphouse in all Boswin.

The Punt and Pole

A traditional tavern frequented by those who work the waterfront.


A public house which specializes in greasy, filling food. Look for the statue of the happy dwarf. Children receive a magical surprise!

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