Merchants & Services

Mort’s Gear Emporium

Not far from The Electrum Piece is this establishment which offers equipment and supplies for so-called “dungeoneers.” Most of Mortimer's goods are standard gear, but he occasionally gets in something magical. He is usually willing to take treasure items in trade.

Hammersmith Row

This dwarvish neighborhood is home to several smithies. The best locally-produced weapons are made here.

Market Square

Open each day sunup to sundown, this open area is typically filled with all manner of stalls and vendors. Farmers from outside the city walls sell their produce here. Beware pickpockets.

The Stables

Parking horses overnight on the streets of Boswin is illegal, so the two stables have no trouble attracting clientele.

The Local Shop

A general merchandise store featuring foodstuffs, spices and household items.

Marali's Imports

A recent addition to the north side of Boswin, this shop specializes in items from outside the Vale. Marali will sometimes purchase unusual or exotic trinkets from adventurers, though rarely at their presumed aftermarket value.

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