Other Characters Of Note

Brother Renard

The most prominent religious site in Boswin is the Temple of the Twilight Moon, dedicated to Sehanine. It’s run by the self-styled Brother Renard, who always offers help…for a price. Renard has been known to acquire items of dubious provenance, and it’s better not to ask from where he gets them.

Jake Gutworthy

His adventuring days long behind him, this jovial dwarf has invested his loot in entrepreneurship. He has devised a new approach to the public house, emphasizing a limited menu of rapidly-prepared food. Gutworthy is usually found at his eponymous place of business, enthusiastically greeting customers.


A comely half-elf, Marali has recently set up a fine imports shop near Boswin's North Gate. She has a good head for business and rarely comes out on the wrong end of a deal.


In his own mind, this smallish kobold is a fierce fighter. In the minds of his fellow barflies at The Electrum Piece, he's comic relief. While his people are rarely tolerated within the town limits, Meepo is generally considered to be inoffensive. He takes even the more uncharitable jokes directed his way in stride.


The proprietor of the Gear Emporium, Mortimer is a grizzled fighter whose adventuring days are long past. He bears one interesting souvenir of his former career: a skeletal left hand, apparently the result of a terrible curse. The details of this event remain sketchy and change frequently enough that it's possible Mortimer himself no longer knows the truth. Over the years, powerful clerics have offered to remove the curse, but Mortimer prefers to keep his hand the way it is. Perhaps it serves as a reminder of his glory days, but perhaps he merely feels that it discourages shoplifters.


An old woman typically found in the Market Square. She claims to see visions, which she will share for the price of two silver pieces.

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