Points Of Interest

The Docks

Cargo boats and a few pleasure craft can be found tied up here.

The Warehouses

While used primarily to store goods being imported to/exported from Boswin, the shadowy warehouse district also attracts unsavory operators ready to turn a quick silver piece or slit a narrow throat.

The Humble Hut

This otherwise unassuming shack inexplicably appears in locations throughout Boswin. No one ever sees it arrive, and it inevitably vanishes when no one is watching. Sometimes it's at the end of a street. Sometimes it's nestled amidst two previously existing buildings, even if the gap between them seems insufficient to accommodate it. Once it was perched atop a steeple. The furnishings inside this one-room home are comfortable but unremarkable, and there are no personal effects to be found. No one seems to live there, yet the larder is always well-stocked. Those who sit inside the Humble Hut feel at peace, and those who sleep there overnight wake up well-rested…but usually in a different part of town.

Sewer Outlet

The city sewers exit into the river just south of town. While crops grow well downstream, few farmers choose to live near the outlet.

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