Temples & Shrines

The Temple of the Twilight Moon

While several churches and temples can be found in Boswin, the most prominent is that devoted to Sehanine, run by Brother Renard. Within the Temple of the Twilight Moon is the city’s only teleportation circle, and its use is restricted only to those who pay "tribute" to Sehanine. A shrine to Corellon may also be found here.

The Temple of the Twilight Moon caters to the lucrative adventuring industry. Among its wares is the "Deluxe Dungeon Master's Kit" (3000 gp), which includes five potions of healing; ritual scrolls (and necessary components) for "Linked Portal" and "Raise Dead;" plus a single use of the temple's teleportation circle.

Sul Fane

Second only to the Temple of the Twilight Moon in terms of ostentatiousness, but first in the number of worshippers, is the temple dedicated to Pelor. Shrines to Kord and Melora are also found within.

House of the Builder

Worship of Moradin is central here, which makes it a natural gathering place for dwarves from Hammersmith Row. However, shrines to Bahamut, Erathis and Ioun are here as well.

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