The Town of Boswin

An Overview

Built alongside the Oroh River, the town of Boswin is a significant stop for water traffic. Founded five generations ago, some 2,500 souls now call it home.

Boswin is something of an experimental and egalitarian community in that the free association of the various humanoid races is generally assumed. There are limits, however: large humanoids such as giants are discouraged from visiting. Goblinoids and others with a reputation for wickedness are not tolerated.

The town boasts a remarkably modern system of sewers, but it’s a mixed blessing, especially for those who live downstream of its flow into the Oroh. It’s widely held that rats and worse than rats live in the sewer tunnels, but no one has been willing to face the smell to find out.


Boswin is run not by a hereditary noble, but a democratically-elected mayor. Voting is confined to property holders within the city walls.

Other important town officials include the seven members of the council, as well as the reeve tasked with protecting the peace. Fifty soldiers comprise the guard and watch, and they man the towers which overlook the main roads into Boswin.

Taxes are levied on property and business owners, and fees must be paid to access civic services such as the court.

The Inhabitants

Humans are the original founders of Boswin, but many long-time residents are Half-elves and Halflings. Dwarves originally hailing from their halls on the far side of the Sentinel Mountains are more recent transplants, and most congregate in a small neighborhood on Hammersmith Row. Elves live in small tribal groups throughout the nearby woods. Dragonborn, Eladrin and Tieflings are not at all common, but they occasionally wander in from their far-distant homes.

Locations of Note

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