Tük'-Ja Zephrus

Tük'-Ja Zephrus - Eladrin Wizard Level 3

Str - 8 (0) AC 15
Con - 14 (+3) Fort 13
Dex - 12 (+2) Ref 15
Int - 18 (+5) Will 16
Wis - 14 (+3) HP .32 [Bld] 16
Cha - 13 (+2)

Initiative 6 Speed 6
Healing Surge 8 Surges.Day 8

Acrobatics 2
Arcana 12
Athletics 0
Bluff 2
Diplomacy 7
Dungeoneering 8
Endurance 3
Heal 3
History 7
Insight 8
Intimidate 2
Nature 8
Perception 3
Religion 5
Stealth 2
Streetwise 2
Thievery 2

Passive Perception 13
Passive Insight 18

Longsword -1/+3 [2] 1D8-1
Longsword Proficiency [Eladrin]
Improved Initiative [Feat]
Ritual Casting [Feat]
Burning Blizzard [Feat}
Orb of Inevitable Continuance

At-will Powers
- Ghost Sound
- Light
- Mage Hand
- Pretidigitation
- Ray of Frost
- Thunderwave

Encounter Powers
- Icy Terrain
- Fey Step
- Color Spray
- Shield

Daily Power
*- Acid Arrow
*- Freezing Cloud
- Feather Fall

Tük'-Ja Zephrus is an Eladrin wizard, seasoned and cagey. He does not volunteer much information about his background to others unless he trusts you, which is a feat in and of itself. Those who know him understand he is a quiet soul, yet at times can explode into a rage when protecting those he cherishes or taking down beasts that harm others.

Tük'-Ja (friends can get away with calling him Tük) has a fascination, some would say a zealous obsession with cold powers and ice. A childhood fear of these powers is rumored to have fueled this obsession. Tük'-Ja's demeanor becomes noticeably different when using these cold effects, especially in battle (which is not sought out by him, but tolerated when the call arises).

Tük'-Ja unsurprisingly loves the outdoors and has a great respect for nature. He hates the fire arts, but loves a good bard's tale, and human beverages from time to time. Tük'-Ja likes the slight adventure of sleeping in the Humble Hut after a night of spirits and the munchies satisfied by a few plates at Gutworthy's.

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